First Driving Lessons

First driving lessons can be challenging for people, and they can feel the nervousness develop rapidly. However, there is no need to stress.

First driving lesson can be difficult for people, and they can feel the tension developing rapidly. Be that as it may, there is no compelling reason to stress. B&K driving school has got you covered with the best driving exercises in London and will be with you until you get your driving permit. That is the reason our instructors are prepared to make your first driving lesson easy and give you the certainty to take off like a master. Our driving lessons are intended to guarantee you become a safe and confident driver; our instructors’ design lessons according to your compatibility. You will cover all the things which will support you to pass your driving test, including:

  • carry out a car cockpit drill and safety checks
  • Add emerging junction
  • do an emergency stop
  • drive on different types of roads, including dual carriageways
  • meet traffic, approach junctions and tackle roundabouts
  • do parallel and reverse bay parking
It is fundamental for us that your driving lessons are organized around you dependent on your abilities and past experience with driving. At the time of joining, you can choose between manual or automatic driving lessons. It is fundamental for us that your driving exercises are organized depending on your abilities and past driving experience.
Learn with DVSA approved fully qualified driving instructor. We provide pickup services for students before scheduled classes. NO extra charge for evening and weekends shifts.
  • Check your eyesight
  • Get a provisional driving license
  • Study the Highway Code and other helpful books
  • Drive carefully, and always think about other road users safety.
  • Less driving faults to make on your driving test
  • You will gain more confidence
  • You won’t slow down a automatic vehicle
  • Develop road confidence and be observant all around

Manual Car: £37.50 per hour
Automatic Car: £37.50 per hour